Thursday, August 8, 2013

Back to School Beauty Giveaway

Well hello everyone! Let's get on the roll now. I'm coming back with a cute simple giveaway just for you. It's going to be a small makeup pouch with all the beauty necessities you'll need to go back to school. Think of it as an on the go bag. 

In the bag will include:
- hairspray
- gel or mousse
- two eyeshadow sticks from NYX
- waterproof mascara
- lip stain, lip balm and lip gloss
- cream blush
- facial wipes/body wipes
- and an extra suprise ;) 

There will be two lucky winners who will get this prize. And they won't be exactly the same either. They'll be completely opposite styles. 

Rules!!! They are super simple and super easy! 
- like my Facebook page 
- follow me on either Instagram or twitter 
- but if u don't have any of that then just leave a comment down below telling what you are looking forward to this fall!! 

Facebook: Fashionscar
Twitter : @fashionscar
Instagram : @fashionscar

This giveaway will be open until September 15, 2013 

When you follow the rules I'll put your names in a hat and do a raffle. If you'd like I'll post a small video on Instagram, just leave a comment below if you like that idea. 

Anyone can enter. This can be for those not in the USA too!! :) 

Good luck and talk to you guys soon!! 


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Time for a Change

There has been too much neglect on my side these past few months. Which isn't fair for my readers. 

Truthfully I've been going through certains problems, working almost everyday, and trying to get control of myself. 

It's time for me to get back to what I found enjoyable and what I believe brings me pure joy. Please be patient and have faith in me that I will get this place back on track with daily posts about beauty, advice, school tips, fashion, health/fitness and food. 

As well as posting here I am going to slowly try to get back into making videos. Slowly but surely will regress to making this blog what it is destined to be. A place to communicate my beliefs and your beliefs on clothes, beauty and health. Share stories and experiences and get help on anything. 

Stay tuned my angels!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I Love Spring

Hello my fellow readers, I am very aware that I have not posted anything since February. For that, I am very sorry.

But don't fret, I just came out with a new video, this is the link -- Get Ready With Me

I am also in the works of making a another video, which is spring related. This post is mainly a heads up for the video coming soon.

It is called the I <3 Spring tag, mainly consisting of questions relating to spring and what are my favorites for the season. Here are the questions!!!

1. Favorite spring nail polish
2. Must have lip color for spring
3. Favorite flower
4. Spring trends most excited for this spring (makeup, fashion, or both)
5. Favorite spring candle
6. Favorite spring drink
7. Best activity to do in spring
8. Spring holiday most looking forward to or enjoyed.
9. Favorite spring candies
10. Favorite spring time song
11. Are you a spring cleaner? 
12. Favorite spring snack
13. Favorite spring makeup routine
14. Favorite spring scent and/or body spray
15. Favorite spring hairstyle
16. Favorite spring shoes
17. Favorite spring color
18. hmmm leave a comment if there are any questions you'd want me to answer that aren't on this list!!! 

Hope you like this idea, hope you have a great day wherever you are! 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Taken Over music video!! Rebecca and Fiona

Once again Rebecca and Fiona are hard at work with their second album, their first one was a success and I am sure the second one will be even better.

They recently came out with their first single from the second album, its called "Taken Over" with Style of Eye. The music came out as well a few days laters!! Its down below so check it out and let me know what you think in the comments

Hope you loved it as much as I did!! 
Have a nice day <3

Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter Storm Charlotte/Nemo -- NYFW Fall2013

Well hello there for those who still have power in the north east side of America!!! Did you have a nice time riding out the storm? I sure did!

Spent three whole days inside dancing and losing my mind to the isolation the storm caused lol. But it was all fun and games with my sister and mother :)

Also fashion week in NYC was ongoing throughout the storm, there were no postponements! THE SHOW MUST GO ON!! A little snow was not going to stop those new yorkers from seeing next fall's fashions.

Here are a few photos of the spectacles, a variation from Jason Wu and Alexander Wang:
Jason Wu Fall2013
Alexander Wang Fall 2013
Jason Wu Fall 2013
Alexander Wang Fall 2013

Alexander Wang Fall 2013

From these pictures we are looking at a more structured coat, minimalist prints and straight toughness with crisp edges. Makeup and hair is purely simple with dark tones of grey and a little bit luminous
 on the cheeks and temple. Also hues of dark but bright purple along the eyelids and also a navy blue color as well. Lips are kept a little rosy. Hair is just slicked back as to show off the jaw structure and frame the face in a tough woman of the world today.

I am without a doubt in favor of Jason Wu, but this season he has gone away from the romanticism and feminism from his previous collections. Their is some edge and power, and seductive hints in this collection. I am all for it because what woman doesn't love to take advantage of the seductive beauty in themselves?! This collection truly helps with that.

Alexander once again amazes us, he embodied the winter with grays, blacks and FUR! So lets just keep it simple for next fall, after this weekend with the crazy storm and all, I would rather keep my focus on spring and summer. I am surely not a winter person at all!!

Hope you enjoyed this! Keep being fabulous and have a nice day! <3


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Colorful Nails!

Hey everyone!! Ready for a nails tutorial?!?!?

First start off with fresh clean nails.

Then apply two coats of any color you'd like, I chose Vacation Time from Sinful Colors, and just let them dry.

Once they are fully dry, you can go ahead and use any nail art polish that has a thin brush in order to create thin colorful streaks. The pink (Technicolor Doll) and blue (Electric Universe) are from Art Club. The purple (Wild Fuchsia) is from Art Deco.

Use what ever color you want from the first streaks. Like the images shown below.

The second color is on either side of the pink color. Then add the purple right next to blue.

AND there you go! You just finished your colorful nails!! It is very easy and you can use any color combination you'd like :)

Hope you enjoyed this!! Leave a comment below for what you think and any other suggests for future post!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Twisted Hair Tutorial

Hey there!!

Today I'll be showing you a hair style I have been using lately when I don't really want to style my hair in the morning :)

It is really easy and all you need is:

- at least 4 or 5 bobby pins
- hair elastic

Lets get started

1. with your hair down smooth it back with your hands like you are about to make a pony tail.

2. Now grab a small piece of hair on the side, begin twisting it near the spot where you will make the pony tail. Make another twist right below it as well.

3. Secure each twist with a bobby pin.

4. Then do steps 2 & 3 on the other side of your head as well.

5. Now grab all of your hair into a pony tail form and tie your hair into a top knot/messy bun.

Voila!! You have an easy twisted way of spicing up your simple messy buns/top knots.

Hope you like this, if you have any questions just let me know!!!